By: Michael McKeever
Directed by: John Ferry
February 2, 2018 through February 25, 2018


Clark Gable Slept Here is a dark comedy that is two doors short of a farce. This fast-paced play is a peek behind the curtain of life in the Hollywood fast lane. The play takes place in a suite at the classic hotel Chateau Marmont on the night of the Golden Globe Awards. What transpires is a bleak, tragic and unapologetically hilarious look at what the movers and shakers of Tinsel Town are willing and able to do in order keep and preserve their secrets and the status quo of the Hollywood mystique and lifestyle.

AUDITIONS: Tuesday, 11/21 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Main Street Playhouse
6766 Main Street, Miami Lakes, Florida 33014



JARROD “HILLY” HILLIARD (Male, 40’s – 50’s) Hollywood mover and shaker. Super-Agent/Manager.

Seeking male actor that can play 40+.

The role of Jarrod “Hilly” Hilliard is a complex character that requires energy, strength and immense stage presence. He is the driving force of this black comedy which borders on farce.

Hilly is a Hollywood Super-Agent extraordinaire.  He is a mover and shaker in Hollywood circles. He is a powerful keeper of secrets and a force to be reckoned with. He will use any means necessary to keep his clients dark and ugly secrets from coming to light and shattering the Hollywood mystique or illusion. By doing so he also holds onto his own power and fortune.  Let us be clear, that Hilly, while charming and debonair is also capable of great malevolence and always has his own self-interest and self-preservation as his only objective. There is nothing that Hilly is not capable of maintaining the Hollywood mystique and illusion of his creation. Hilly is a master manipulator who will stop at nothing to achieve his wants and goals, including murder if need be. Hilly uses his charm to manipulate while always allowing those he is manipulating to see the awesome, seedy and malevolent power that bubbles just below the surface. He wields the type of power that does not require him to raise his voice in order to get his way.



  • A recent headshot and updated resume
  • Be prepared to read from the script.
  • Any foreseeable conflicts during the rehearsal process

 Actors will receive compensation for their performances in this production.

 To schedule an audition, please call (786-395-7296) or email (dcj119@comcast.net) our Production Manager, Dennis Lyzniak.

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