Church & State

 by Jason Odell Williams
Directed by Robert Coppel

Show runs February 7 to March 1, 2020 

 Sunday, October 13th, 10:00am-12:00pm and 6:30pm-9:30pm
Monday, October 14th, 6:30pm-9:30pm

Main Street Playhouse,  6766 Main Street, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

It is three days before Election Day for incumbent North Carolina Republican Senator Charles Whitmore.  He is appearing on the campus of North Carolina State in Raleigh, North Carolina for a very important speech in his final push to get re-elected. A recent school shooting in his district has left him shaken and in recent comments to a blogger, the Senator expressed his doubts about his faith and guns. Driving him to the finish line and doing their best with damage control are his wife, Sara who is the mother of his two young sons and a devout Christian, along with Alex, his ambitious Jewish New York campaign manager, with her own ambitions on the line.

 Character Breakdown

The Cast consists of 2 Men / 2 Women, as follows:

Senator Charles “Charlie” Whitmore (40’s-50’s), charismatic and charming Junior U.S. Senator, raised in North Carolina into a family of politicians.  SOUTHERN ACCENT a must.  Up for re-election in a few days and being groomed for a possible Presidential run.  Very conflicted about his faith in God and Guns. 

Sara Whitmore (40’s), Charlie’s wife, who loves being the wife of a politician.  She’s brassy and sweet, but likes to take control and is driven by her Christian beliefs.  Also born and raised in North Carolina, so SOUTHERN ACCENT is a must.

Alex Klein (female 30’s-40’s), Charlie’s Campaign Manager. Fast talking, no-nonsense, liberal Jewish woman from New York and when she talks, you know exactly where she is from.  Very ambitious, but a surprise that she is working with such a conservative as Charlie.

 Tom/Marshall (Male 20’-30’s), Reporter/Security Officer Versatile actor needed who can do a Southern Accent.



Please be prepared to read from the sides that are attached to this audition notice.  Also, bring a headshot and resume.  Rehearsals will start on December 3rd for two weeks in December and then continue on January 6th leading up to the February 7th opening.  Be prepared to provide all conflicts. Copies of the sides for each character can be found below.

For more information and to reserve an audition time slot, please contact Director Robert Coppel at RCoppel@icloud.com. It would also be helpful to send him your headshot and resume via e:mail prior to the auditions.

 Actors will receive compensation for their performance in this production

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